More Black Friday Sales….

ReaddleNow these sales are for those of us who actually have to work, not just make music all day!

Readdle has their apps at 50% off! for 48 hours only!

These are the apps included:


I use PDF Expert all the time as a simple way to view PDF files (not my PDF music though), like when I take the band on a trip, I have every kids medical form with me on my iPad ready to view in an instant. Another very useful feature of PDF Expert is that is allows me, or others, to sign my signature and type on PDF’s. Every entry form and registration that I fill out is done in this app – You should see the principals eyes when I show her what she needs to sign and  then have her do so right on my iPad.

My Calendar app is now Readdle’s Calendars5 – this app is much easier to use than Apple’s calendar and any other calendar app I’ve ever tried – I have it on the home screen of my iPhone and iPad both! The entry method for new events is the way that Apple should have done their app in the first place!

This half price sale is an opportunity for you to own amazing apps that will help you be more productive and allow you more time to get back to making music, or to spend more time with your family! I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving/Hanukkah or at the very least a wonderful thursday!


One thought on “More Black Friday Sales….

  1. Hurry while it is still free: InTune – Improve and Test Your Intonation. It is an app to help develop your sense of listening to pitch, whether each note is higher or lower. They shrink the interval down with each example. Good for training the ears. Good challenge. It is an iPhone app, but works great on the iPad.

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