Like Karaoke? Like Singing?

vocaliveipadIK Multimedia is running a 50% off sale from now until Dec. 5th, 2013 you can get VocaLive for iPhone & iPad and SampleTank for iOS for only $9.99/€8.99 on the App Store.

VocaLive provides a suite of 5 dedicated real-time vocal effects (pitch correction, choir harmonizer, voice doubler, vocal morpher and de-esser) plus 7 effects tailored to vocal processing (reverb, EQ, compressor, delay, envelope filter, chorus, phazer) that can be combined on a 4-processor vocal rig chain. There is a single track recorder built-in that can be expanded to 8 tracks via an in-app-purchase (This is one reason I’ve held off on purchasing this app, along with others. I really hate in-app-purchases! At the same time I suppose it does allow me to have an app with features I will use and not have to pay for other features I might not ever use.)

A few other great reasons to love this app are the sharing features – You can export your compositions directly to your SoundCloud account or an FTP server, email a compressed version, or use the iTunes file sharing feature.

Of course I would not endorse the app as being all that great if it was not AudioBus compatible!  VocaLive can be used in any of the three Audiobus slots — Input, Effects, Output — in the Audiobus chain.

  • INPUT: Sing through VocaLive’s effects, and then send that audio on to other apps in the chain.
  • EFFECTS: Use VocaLive’s powerful effects to process audio from another instrument app.
  • OUTPUT: Use VocaLive to process and/or record the audio coming from the other two apps.

The videos demoing this app are astonishing… they show off very well what is possible for vocalists using an iOS device onstage or in a recording!

Plus there is a feature built-in to allow you to sing along with your iTunes library with VOICE CANCELING capabilities!

I have been holding off on buying this app until today – Of course with the 50% off deal it was time to pull the trigger! This sort of app makes for an excellent Christmas present as well – My daughter sits and sings for hours at a time, I’m pretty sure this app is going to help her get even more fun out of those singing moments!


3 thoughts on “Like Karaoke? Like Singing?

    1. It does pretty well! Nothing that does this takes ALL the vocal out. It is dependent on the stereo imaging of the original vocal track. There is usually a remnant of the original left, the effects usually don’t cancel out. Once you get to singing on top of it though no one is going to notice. I was impressed, especially for the price! Best tool that I can afford to do this job!

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