DayBook Pro – New Web App

DayBook Pro LogoThe good folks over at DayBookPro, which I believe is Australia, have been hard at work to make improvements on their DayBookPro app! Well that’s actually not what they have worked on the most – It is actually their web app version of the DayBookPro app.

Here’s the exciting news they have now launched a new version of the web app. This means we can access our planning book from any web browser do more than we were able to before. The full capabilities are built into the iPad app but the web app is catching up! Here is what is now added to the web app….

– Add and edit Classes, Units and Learning Activities (Great addition – take note of my one thought below in this area!)
– Drag and drop files into the new file manager. (This is wonderful, works flawlessly!)
– Manage your Username, Password and Email address. (Much needed capability!)

I appreciate the new capabilities. I do think they need to go one additional step with the ability to add Units from the web app. Currently there is not a way to access your Library of Units from the web. So make sure you actually import the unit you need from the library, while on your iPad first! I have several Units that I have typed in all my state standards into that I use as templates for every other Unit that I build, it is vital that I start from that template! Probably you should be doing the same thing as well! Why type in things twice? This is technology, save yourself some time people!

So, to wrap up – Great updates! This will make DayBookPro even better to use. Just use your iPad to import those Unit templates from your library first, THEN go use the web app version!


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