SmartMusic – Signing Students Up

So you are using SmartMusic and working on getting students signed up for their accounts. In this process it is going to take a bit of time and there are going to be those students who mess their information up….. I’ve got three tips for you;

1)Go through trial runs on the big screen in class – make all the kids watch for three days while individual students go through and signup on the big screen. Have everyone else write down their own personal info on a piece of paper.

2)Take all the kids into the computer lab (or better yet – bring a portable lab down to your room!) Then pair the students up and have them work on signing up together. This way  you have two pairs of eyes on what is being typed into the computer.

3)THEN the big one…. when the kids can not find “their school” realize it is probably because they typed in their zip code wrong! The kicker here is that there may be no way for them or you to fix this because they are not 13 yet! In that case you have to call SmartMusic tech support and tell them the students email of their account and they will reset it for you in a matter of about 3 minutes total!

Good luck and enjoy the extra push that SmartMusic provides for your students to excel!


3 thoughts on “SmartMusic – Signing Students Up

  1. Paul – great advice!

    I’m not quite sure if your post was aiming folks inside SmartMusic to take care of this, so I also wanted to add another option. We have a feature where students can enroll through any desktop or laptop computer through their web browser. They go to and can enroll really quickly. We have a lot of schools that bring their orchestra class to the library, do it together while the teacher projects, and they’re done in just a few minutes!

    It sadly doesn’t work on iOS and I don’t yet know why. When you do this route, make sure the kids log out when they’re done, but it’s pretty darn fast and safe, otherwise.

    James Lund
    SmartMusic Technical Product Manager
    MakeMusic, Inc.

  2. Good point – with taking the class to the computer lab James! I forget to include sometimes in my posts but I always remember to talk about that when I am discussing this process face to face with someone!

    Any idea why using the would not work while using Internet Explorer (on windows machines) but it would work if we used Firefox?

    1. It should work in IE; I’m guessing our testers checked IE 9 & 10, so 8 or 11 might be circumspect. There are some privacy features in IE that could be enabled that might break the site as well, although that would go a bit deeper than I can competently speak to. We’ve got some additional “clean up” work coming up to make that page a bit less stark, and if there is an easy fix to improving browser compatibility it’s in. Not so easy might take a bit longer 🙂


      James Lund
      SmartMusic Technical Product Manager
      MakeMusic, Inc.

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