Musical Composition from Across The Globe!

globe3tAs I was browsing through my SoundCloud feed today I ran across this piece of music called “International Incident” from @sealpt

“I wrote this with my good friend Evangelos Koudonas. (@evagelos-koudonas). I live in the United States, Evangelos lives in Greece.
Evangelos brought this song to life!
Evangelos plays the first set of leads, then we split the bridge, then I follow up with the closing leads.
We used Beatmaker 2 with Jamup for our guitars, then mastered in Auria.
Evangelos plays his Ibanez on this song, I used my Paul Reed Smith. Thank you for listening and enjoy!”

Here is another collaboration of the same sort from @Alter Ego in the UK-

Collab Slow Minor Blues in Am – “Blues collab with Tom Adams (tyltblues) (Tom in Texas and me in the UK).
Solos are split into Tom, me, Tom, me 🙂
I used my Gibson Epiphone SG through a Fender JH Dual (in Amplitube) on my iPad and they were single takes.”

How awesome would it be to pair up our students in our music classes with someone from around the globe and have them compose together! Of course it would take several music teachers with the desire to make something this work. For one – there is always the issue of the time involved. Musical composition can take a huge chunk of time out of rehearsals that is needed for live performances! For two – there is the issue of technology. Al parties involved would need access to the internet and have a device that would be capable of recording the students in a multi-track daw (which means money in the budget to buy such an app)

BUT….. What if you made it work? How awesome would that be! Students learning about other cultures from other students that actually live in that culture – not from some text book or the internet! Students working on a project based assignment, working out the details in real time with students who are coming from an entirely different background and situation! (Or maybe it isn’t so different as we thought!)

Just sit and think about it! If you are not in the United States and you teach music and you are interested in collaborating like this with my students I would love to work it out! Contact me and we will do it!


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