Studio2, an iPad App for Digital Music Recording – at a great price!

Studio 2 AppI don’t know about you but I am constantly on the look out for apps that are on sale. I am also very willing to pay the full price for an app that I know I will use that offers me the quality I demand in apps! But come on, why pay full price when you don’t have to! This app right now is half -off for $4.99! Compared to the $50 for Cubasis or Auria this is more than a steal! Even at regular price this app is something to consider if you are looking to explore the world of DAW’s on your iPad!

Studio 2 from XME Inc is a great app to get your feet wet in the digital music studio app world! A few of the features that grabbed my attention right away was the fact that you can record 96 tracks, yup 96! I’m talking digital audio PLUS MIDI! There you go choir teachers! Record your accompaniments into this app – record the piano part, record each vocal part and then import a choir from YouTube singing the song and put that into the track as well! (Wait – better do all that in the reverse order as you will be at the mercy of whatever tempos the YouTube video is recorded at – so pull in the YouTube video audio, then record the accompaniment track and each of the vocal parts all on their own track. Amazing flexibility right at your finger tips in the middle of rehearsals!

Another feature I am finding very astonishing at this price point, in comparison to some of the WAY more expensive DAW apps I own, is the ability to record automation! That means that you can set points in your tracks where the volume (or pan) will automatically change! It’s a real trip to set a bunch of points and then watch the volume slider move all on it’s own!

Of course I would not even suggest this app if it did not also support AudioBus! There is also some reverb and delay that will help liven up your master piece.

I will say that there are some bugs still in the interface – some items do not re-draw immediately always. Also, when I closed the one session and created a new session I was left with the faders from my old session until I toggled back into the waveform view and then into the fader view again.



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