New Music and Non-Traditional Music Ensembles Using Electronic Instruments – like iPads!

Some of us brave music programs have decided to offer non-traditional musical ensembles that incorporate electronic instruments fused with traditional instruments. One of the issues with these types of groups is that the choices of pre-arranged music is pretty slim to nonexistent! This is for several reasons – 1) The instrumentation greatly varies from school to school and is based on budget/fundraising as well as availability of students. 2)There just isn’t that much music written for these groups because of the issue in #1! It’s this evil loop!

Sometimes we do get lucky and find wonderful music that actually has printed music of sorts. This makes our job so much easier. At least we have a groundwork to start from…. Here is one such choice;

Yanni - Ethnicity AlbumYanni – Ethnicity is an astonishing album full of vibrant music that really could easily be performed/arranged for some of these high school groups. The music would be exciting for the performers as well as the audience. I know that when I play Yanni’s videos for my band students they do not ever want me to stop playback – they would love to watch the entire DVD!






Yanni - Ethnicity - SongBookThere is the song book that goes along with the CD that one could use for the groundwork to creating some great arrangements for whatever instrumentation their group has available. Yanni – Ethnicity – the Piano Book


Hal Leonard is really great about getting some nice transcriptions of artists works that these electronic sort of groups could perform. I suggest you take the plunge and go for it! Arrange something – it wouldn’t have to be this adventurous. Maybe you take some Beatles music and perform it with all iPads. Just go for it – I think your students would enjoy it and the audiences would love it as well!


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