iOS Updates not Updating

Just a word of warning…. Since iOS7 I am constantly having issues with apps updating correctly! The App store update section is also causing issues – it keeps getting stuck and not correctly refreshing. When I click on the update button the apps constantly start to update and then stop the process. They then become grayed out and are useless. The only fix that I have found is to delete the app and reinstall it. I do not have the auto update feature turned on. I am going to see if that helps but that scares me because at least right now I have the option of NOT updating, like when I am about to start a class or performance and the use of my iPad is critical!

This also brings about the cautionary tale of having backup apps ready to go! We are using tech and it will fail – that’s a fact Jack! So have a backup plan ready to go!


2 thoughts on “iOS Updates not Updating

  1. I think I had a similar issue when I first updated to iOS 7, and I think the issue had to do with accepting the new App Store terms and conditions. The screen eventually popped up so I could accept them, but it wasn’t popping up at first. Not sure if that’s related to the behavior you are seeing.

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