New iPad Synth App

cs_iconVirSynth has released their latest synth for the iPad called CubeSynth for iPad. Notice that it is named CubeSynth FOR IPAD – that’s because there is a desktop version of this app as well! Currently the app is on sale for half price – soon it will be selling at it’s normal price of $19.99 so purchase now if you are interested at all.

CubeSynth is another great example of what can be accomplished on an iPad in the world of music creation! Here is the intro paragraph from their website….

“Cube Synth is a groundbreaking new iPad synthesizer giving you the power and flexibility of
additive synthesis together with easy editing and morphing capabilities. Macro parameters
allow you to control this beast with unequalled ease.”

CubeSynth allows us to easily allow control of the app through things like breath controllers! So hook an EWI up to your iPad, put it in the hands of a capable woodwind player and all sorts of fun can be had! This is one of those “living sound” sort of apps – you know, the kind where the sounds are not static. The sound from this synth morph, change, and evolve in ways not possible with a traditional wind instrument! There is a built in arpeggiator as well as a pair of dice! The dice are great because they create endless variations of sounds at the push of a button – allowing for quick and easy custom sounds, arpeggio’s and effects! That means your students can quickly create their “own” sounds as they explore the app. Which in turn may lead them to start digging in and exploring what is actually changing so they can better understand synthesis.

CubeSynth fully supports AudioBus and Virtual MIDI – meaning that this app plays well with others. You can also publish to SoundCloud right from within CubeSynth. SoundCloud is a wonderful way for your students to create and share those creations! It is free so if you are not using it currently you should!

VirSynth is also the developers behind other amazing iOS app’s – Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 12.04.44 PMAddictive Synth (an aptly named synth app that will cause you to loose several hours as you play with it!) and Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 12.05.38 PMHarmonyVoice (For you singers – or maybe those who can’t sing so well – HarmonyVoice turns your voice into four!) to name several.

I will say that the videos VirSynth has posted on thier YouTube channel are not giving me sound – so as of today, if you want to see what CubeSynth sounds and works like simply do a search on YouTube for other’s videos.


(Disclosure  – I have started using the iTunes affiliate program. That means the links contained in this blog give me a small percentage back to help support this blog. It doesn’t cost you anything at all – you pay the same price for the apps but Apple gives back to those of us that take part in the program if you purchase the app by using the link contained in this blog post. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog!)

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