New Notation App! (Does handwritten music!)

notatemelogoNeuratron had released a new music notation and composition app that will recognize handwritten music! This app is for your smartphone or iPad!

The app is NotateMe (iPad version) (iPhone version) and is currently listed as beta (therefore the version number it is $13.99 as of now. I’m sure that price is going to go up after it matures to version 1.0 though.

I have not had a chance to try this out yet (because I just spent my iTunes money on a new iPad synth) BUT I will try it soon and post back here about how it goes.

Here is the video on Youtube

For those of you who do not recognize the company Neuratron – They have been around for years. Their music scanning software has been able to recognize handwritten music for a while now! So the tech isn’t new, the platform it is being served on now is the new exciting part of this release!


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