iPad As An Revolutionary Tool – Not A Replacement Tool

ImageIn my constant search for new and exciting things teachers are using iPads for in education I  come across many interesting ideas! Sometimes though I come across very sad situations such as I did today in my RSS news feeds.

A teacher had a blog post that suggested they were using iPads as a Whiteboard. This caught my eye because I just so happened to be doing the same thing (or so I thought) – In watching the movie the teacher was asked exactly how they were using the iPad as a whiteboard – The teacher said, “I am using it as a good review tool in class. I project a review question on the projector and then the students write down their answers on their own iPads in the whiteboard app. Then I have the students hold them up so I can see who has understood the concept and who needs further assistance.”

In other words they now have really, really, really expensive pieces of paper and pencils in their classrooms – I mean couldn’t they have done this same exercise on paper, with a pencil (or marker to make it more colorful)!

Come one people – get revolutionary! iPads should change what we are doing in class, they should give the students opportunities they have never had before!

Like my friend Brandt – his latest blog post is a perfect example of revolutionary! He is having his band students compose, record and share their very own music – with four parts running! Try THAT with the traditional classroom tools!

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