iPads, Music Creation, and Supporting Each Other (You know being decent human’s!)

0001833787_100.pngIt is amazing what sort of things you can create using just your iPad now! Things have progressed very quickly in the past few years since the iPad first came out!

I was asked the other day, “Can the iPad actually be used to create music?” My answer… “Oh boy! Can it EVER!”

One of the very active bloggers about using the iPad to create music is Ryan over at iOS Mars. On his web site you can find all sorts of tutorials, app reviews and daily news about current happenings in the world of music on the iPad. Ryan spends many hours digging in and understanding what is possible using just iOS hardware and iOS apps. His website is an outstanding example of the type of people you will find that are in this community of using iPad’s to create music!

It is this group of people who once again prove to me that we should be sharing with each other, talking with each other, laughing with each other (or at each other sometimes too) and supporting each other. There are so many people that are interested in creating amazing, quality music using iOS and they all love talking with each other. The app developers are a huge part of this group as well. The developers of music apps love seeing and hearing how their apps are being used. They love being able to get feedback from those using the apps every day.

If you check out the links on the right side of this web page you will find links to a few of the web sites that deal with creating music using iPads. If you search SoundCloud, BandCamp, Twitter, and FaceBook you will find a ton of musicians there that are chatting back and forth showing what they are doing each and every day on their iPads.

Ryan has poured heart and soul into this community of iPad musicians over the past few years creating the content on his website. Recently he has fallen into hard times and needs some financial support to keep his home. That means, in order to keep things going he needs our help, all of us who benefit from Ryan’s expertise and material he so freely shares with us. The community of musicians I have been talking about have decided to use their creative minds and put together several albums worth of music to help support Ryan and iOS Mars! What an amazing idea!

Chip Boaz Writes:
“Martin Neuhold organized two volumes worth of tracks from iOS musicians that are currently on sale at a Bandcamp site for $10 each.  The albums are called Life On Mars and they are chock full of fantastic music.  A purchase of either volume will help Ryan and keep iOS Mars, an important online resource, alive.  It’s a pretty amazing show of support that could make a big difference and help an active member of our community.”

See more at: iOS Music and You: Life on Mars

These two albums are such excellent music – I encourage you to go check it out and  purchase on or the other!



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