Automatic Updating in iOS7

As we all are excitedly awaiting the official arrival of iOS7, there are some cautions to throw out there!

Tonight I checked my updates for my iPad apps. As always I read through what was new in each app. One app stated – DO NOT UPDATE to this version wait until the next version is released! That is one very good reason to make sure that when you do update to iOS7 you are aware of the new “features”! One of those features is for your apps to automatically update by themselves in the background! A much requested feature, one that even was brought up in court during some of the hearings against Apple. One of the Senators (I think it was a senator anyways) asked, “Why do we have to update our apps ourselves?” Tim Cook himself answered the senators question. His simple response was, “We are working on that!”

It is possible in iOS7 to turn this feature off! It might be a good idea. If this app would have updated by itself, I would have been in trouble as it is an app I rely on daily in class!

Just a short though of the day!


4 thoughts on “Automatic Updating in iOS7

  1. Dear Mr. Shimmons,

    Have you had a chance to look at the app “Music Lesson Noter”?
    It’s posted in the Apple’s AppStore under the name “LessonNoter”.
    As an author of that app and professional music teacher I’d be curious to hear your opinion.

    Igor Borodin

    1. I have not noticed this app before. In taking a quick glance at your web site I am very interested in what you offer! I have the app downloaded and will explore it in the upcoming days! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

      1. Thank you for the prompt response.
        I’d be particularly interested in certain specifics: what is helpful, what is not.
        What is clear, what is convoluted/confusing.
        What in your opinion would make interacting with the app more efficient and user-friendly.
        Thank you once again,
        Igor Borodin

      2. Dear Mr. Shimmons,
        Last week I brought to your attention the application Music Lesson Noter (‘LessonNoter’ in the Apple’s AppStore).
        Did you have a chance to take a look?
        As I already said, I’m quite interested in hearing your opinion.
        Igor Borodin

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