A Great Calendar App for Teachers with iPads (plus it’s on sale right now!)

Calendars 5LogoAs a Band Director I am constantly dealing with my calendar app on my iPad, iPhone, and laptop! Thank goodness for those alerts!

I have bought many apps to deal with this mess and confusion of all the dates, times, meetings and performances. I have also bought many To-Do apps as well! I’ve liked some of the apps! Then Apple went ahead and “made me buy” an iPhone 4s! Who could resist – it had SIRI! Now I could talk to my phone and have it create reminders for me! That meant I all but stopped using any other app besides Reminders for my To-Do’s! Now don’t get me wrong here, I don’t think that app is currently a great looking app at all but it is so easy to whip out my phone and talk! iOS7 updates make Reminders look a bit better though! In the past half of a year though I have added WunderList to my constantly used apps! The benefit of being able to share lists with others is outstanding in WunderList plus that app is quick!

BUT tonight I want to talk about my new calendar app! Readdle has released a great looking and very functional updated app called Calendars 5! Currently it is on sale too for $4.99 – go get it now before the price goes up!

Why do I like this app? Let’s dig in….

  1. There are two apps here – one for the iPhone and another for the iPad. They are designed for that specific device! I love Fantastical but there is not an iPad version for that app. I like using the same app on both devices.
  2. The layout is simple, clean and easy to look at. It looks great on the iPhone and even better on the iPad – This app is made for the larger screen.
  3. The layout is easy to figure out!
  4. I can type in new events/meetings/etc. with normal everyday language and Calendars 5 makes sense of it!
  5. It integrates with Apples Reminders App! (Which means I can still use SIRI to dictate to but it will show up in this app!)
  6. It syncs and integrates with Google!
  7. I can set up great reminder alert sounds! (way better than Apples!)
  8. The recurring events capability is awesome! (Apple wont even let me do this on the iPad, beyond very basic repeats – I have to use my laptop!)
  9. There is a powerful, built in To Do/Taks section to the app! (Still gonna use WunderList though as well. I MUST BE ABLE to send my students things to-do using their shared lists!)
  10. The sync between my iPad and iPhone is seamless and just plain works.

Now I just have to figure out the best way to get my lesson plans from PlanBook, into my calendar then synced to the web so my principal can find it consistently. Then I will not have to print it and needlessly create extra work for myself!

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