Tutorial on DayBook Pro

This is to demonstrate the steps needed to make DayBook Pro useful for teachers! The best way is to make use of the library feature in the app – you create one template that includes everything already set up – things like curriculum standards, materials needed objectives, assessments or whatever you need for your particular situation.

THEN you export that template to your DayBook Pro Library to re-use time after time.


One thought on “Tutorial on DayBook Pro

  1. I teach trumpet and conduct three beginner bands and am looking for a way to collect all my lesson plans in one place (so far I’ve used Numbers, Evernote and Planbook, but neither of them have really suited my needs). For the bands I’ve thought about making each concert a unit and each rehersal a learning activity. For the trumpet lessons I have no idea how to make use of DayBook. Do you have any tips? There is no set curriculum where I teach, so I have to make my own.

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