Calendars for the iPad Educator – Two Tips

PocketInformantTwo items I want to bring up here….

1)When I am using my iPad to enter events into my calendar I usually use Apple’s Calendar app. It’s fast and I know it syncs well with iCloud, my Laptop, my iPhone and my Band website. I do have an issue though with repeating events! – As I went through and tried creating a class, for instance, that I wanted to repeat every weekday – I could not do it using Apple’s Calendar App! My solution – I dug into my apps and pulled out Pocket Informant.


I’ve had this app but am not fully convinced I like it’s layout – it seems cluttered to me. I also do not like how they make turning off specific calendars difficult. BUT…. I get side tracked. What I do like is the fact that Pocket Informant allows me to create repeating events just like I can do on my MacBookPro in that Calendar app!

2)A fellow teacher today asked me about calendar apps and which I was using on my iPhone – my response was that I used mostly Apple’s app. She then informed me that she was not happy with that one because whenever she created an event it would disappear! This greatly surprised me because I have never ever had THAT happen. After thinking about it for a moment I came up with the reason. She simply had her default calendar set to something weird! You really must set up calendars for yourself! I have a Work, Home, Personal, Band Performances and one for my kids. So we dug into the Settings app on her phone and sure enough… her default calendar was US Holidays! Since this was a read only calendar the Calendar App didn’t know where to store that event she was creating and it just disappeared! A few clicks later and she was in business!

BONUS – We also then set her calendar up to automatically sync to her husbands iPhone! To do this we simply took a look at her list of calendars, tapped the little blue arrow and sent an email invitation to her husband to join her calendar. Easy as could be. Now either one of them can edit that calendar and they will both see the changes! Of course the funny moment in this story came when we discovered that she never ever emails her husband – she did not even have his email in his contact! EMAIL IS BECOMING NON-RELEVANT!

Now if only Apple would allow us to publish our calendars on the web again! This used to be so very easy, then iCloud came out and they took it away! Then us teachers could easily share a classroom calendar on our websites as easy as we setup the sharing of that calendar mentioned earlier!


2 thoughts on “Calendars for the iPad Educator – Two Tips

  1. Hi Paul. Can you explain a bit more about why its difficult to to turn off specific calendars? It should be easy:
    1) Tap/hold on the “hamburger” icon on the top left or in landscape tap on the filter icon on the left. Tap on any row to deselect or select, or tap on the colored green to select JUST that calendar.

    I’d love to get feedback directly on how you feel its cluttered or can be made easier. We really take that feedback to heart. mailto – ceo @ webis. net

  2. Hi Alex, Thanks for responding! I love the companies that stand behind their apps and are not afraid to reach out and respond!

    I have a few screen shots I could share but I can’t stick them in here. If you would like to see them email me so I can send them over. I will try to explain though here….

    Honestly I hardly ever use my iPad in portrait mode so when you said “hamburger” icon that took me a minutes to figure out – Now I do see why you call it a “hamburger”! As for the “filter” icon – that’s part of my confusion in using this app – It just doesn’t “scream” at me “Hey, this is where your calendars all are!” The other issue is that the “filter” icon is not always the same – it changes sometimes to “the four corners” icon (or whatever it’s called 🙂 AND I have no idea WHY it changes!

    But on to the picking of calendars….

    When I get to picking calendars the problem is that all my different categories are all mixed up – I have my iCloud calendars mixed up in with the Gmail calendars! That means that if I don’t want any of my Gmail calendars shown I have to go through and select each and every one of them separately. It is nice to be able to tap the little arrow next to a calendar to show only that one cal BUT then when I want to turn back on all the iCloud ones only I have to go back through and tap each one separately!

    Hope that helps..

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