Offering 10GB of free storage in the the Cloud!

Box GraphicDownload_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40_0824This deal may not last long… or it might have been going for a while – not sure.

What I DO know is their 10GB’s has DropBox beat by 8GB!

I also know that online, Cloud storage is a vital part of my workflow as a Band Director! I store all of my current files that are pertinent to whatever is going on at school in the Cloud. Using the cloud like this allows me very easy ways to access and share those files!

PDF MUSIC – I can easily pull PDF files into ForScore/UnRealBook for instance. Of course both of those apps have DropBox support built right into the interface so accessing DropBox is a snap. When I have to pull files from Box I have to jump over to the Box app and use the Open In feature to push the file into ForScore/UnRealBook

DRILL FILES – Again these are simply PDF files that I use in the same apps as my music.

SCHOOL DOCS FROM PRINCIPALS – These are all sorts of files – Microsoft Word files, spreadsheet files with assessment data in them, or schedules and assignments.

MY DOCS – Of course much of what I create is done in Pages at first so those files are stored in iCloud (Apple’s answer to DropBox and regardless though – there are so many files we deal with as teachers! These are all stored in the cloud for me to access with whatever device I need at any given time!

SHARED FILES – I love pushing files out to my band students and Band Boosters! A student asks me for the drill, I email them a link and they download that PDF. A student needs music for that cadence (we know it’s always the percussion that looses their music!) – same thing, I send a link and they download and print it themselves!

You might be thinking… well I already have DropBox why get a second “cloud” account. Answer is simple MORE SPACE FOR FREE!!!!! Go DO IT!


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