Making music with an iPad (UPDATED)

Had a discussion with another band director about the iPad. They asked about creating music on an iPad and if that was even possible. My response was ABSOLUTELY! Of course then the discussion turned to just exactly what it was they were talking about. Using the iPad as a performance instrument, a recorder or to create music notation.

That then lead to……

  • Notation = Notion and NoteFlight (NoteFlight works in the iPad web browser – it’s not actually an app. It works very well though!)
  • Performance Instrument = A ton of possible apps and I pointed them to my SoundCloud. I should also mention the iOS iPad Group on Facebook
  • Recording = GarageBand, MultiTrack DAW and Cubasis

Do a search online for this sort of stuff and you will be amazed! Brandt Schneider, a fellow Band Director, has been using iPads in his performance groups for a couple years now. A link to his blog is on the side.

Here is my latest explorations in using my iPad to create and record. I’ve been trying to utilize alternative controllers too, most lately the QuNeo….. All I’m gonna say is that his is going to take a while to figure out! Check out Infinite SineWave if you want to see he possibilities of this thing!


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