Using the iPad to Gain Expression In Music Performance!

I have performed many concerts on a keyboard over my musical history. I love the keyboard! I also get very frustrated with it at the same time! IT is difficult some times to really get creatively expressive and change the sound, play with it, make it do interesting things! What you hear is it – there is aftertouch (push the key harder and things change sometimes), there is the modulation wheel that helps too, and I COULD hook up a breath controller to help really kick things into high gear! (Seriously though, how many people have you ever seen with one of those? Aron are you out there?)

animoog_pp2This situation is one of the reasons I am having so much fun performing/creating on the iPad! The touch interface offers a endless array of ways to manipulate your sound! AniMoog is a great example of a great interface that allows interesting things to happen when you explore! See the keys at the bottom of that screen? Obviously you touch them and they play notes. Start sliding your finger up and down those keys and the sound changes! See the big X/Y Grid – same thing there, start moving your finger around and that sound changes in a zilion ways! Then there are the knobs that are right there – just waiting for you to fiddle with while playing!

Of course I haven’t even mentioned the scales yet! We are pretty well stuck with one setup on a traditional keyboard! You can play in a multitude of different scales on that traditional keyboard easily enough though. But let’s see how many different scale types YOU can come up with off the top of your head right now – go….. OK how many did you come up with? Now, go ahead and dig into that KB Scales menu and count how many scales are listed in THERE! 21! Do you know how to play a Gypsy scale or the Egyption sale. I sure don’t know what the heck a Ryukyu scale sound like thats for sure! Well the beauty of being able to pick a scale and lock the keyboard into that one scale is that the “wrong” notes are out of the way!

Musical composition is about exploring isn’t it? Well buy a few apps and explore – get expressive, get crazy, break some rules!

By the way – as soon as I typed up the little bit about the RyuKyu scale… I got curious and started playing. Then I decided I liked it so I hit the record button! Below is a song created with the Ryukyu scale all in AniMoog and Cubasis with AudioBus as the in between app that connected the other two. Listen – hear the sound morphing and changing? I can’t do that with my traditional keyboard! The song after RyuKyu is also a good example of what I am trying to get through here… the ability of the touch interface changing the possibilities of musical performance! It’s an exciting time people – jump on board!








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