Composition by Middle School Students and Shooting Music Videos

GarageBand LogoWhat if our students could compose their own music and then shoot a music video to go along with it? Then what if they could get world wide distribution of that video? Well the question is not “What if?” but instead “Why are our schools not making this tech available?” Todays technology is giving our students opportunities they have never had before!

In our many of our students pockets the tech exists for them to create and record any kind of music imaginable! That same pocketable piece of tech also allows them to shoot and produce a music video! Then with the audience of the world wide web they can gain a global audience b posting that music video on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and a ton of other sites!

Our students can instantly create a composition using tools like GarageBand and then hear what that music sounds like. This gives them the opportunity to have an entire group when they are sitting in a room all by themselves! Apps give our students access to instruments not available in the traditional music rooms. Using GarageBand and loops along with a mic, I think our students could come up with some amazing music!

It takes 10,000 hours of working, doing and practicing a skill to become a master at it. Our students don’t come close to this many hours by simply taking part in the traditional music performance class and I’m pretty sure the average music student is not spending too many hours at home practicing by themselves!

iMovie LogoHere is one example – After seeing a possible chance to enter a music contest at an international level Montana sat down with a pencil and paper and wrote out some lyrics. She then went to GarageBand, loaded a few loops and started singing! Then out she went with Mom, a friend and an iPad to shoot the video. Quick, short and simple. What if our students had to do one of these every week?

(By the way…. Montana’s was very motivated by the hope of an audience bigger than Mom and Dad!)


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