This Changes Things! Band Directors take note! (Updated)

If you use an iPad, teach band and use Essential Elements Methods book ….. Then you need to be aware of the updates Hal Leonard has put together!

Check out this link…

The interactive iBooks they have for every instrument is going to change the way I teach!

This is taking the simple scanning of a book I already own to a different level. First of all each piece has the accompaniment right there next to the music. No searching for it in the iTunes library, no loading SmartMusic and then searching for the right song, it is a simple press of the play button! Secondly, finding a song is quick and easy because there is a table of contents that has already been put together for me. I don’t have to go through and bookmark songs in ForScore or UnReal Book. Even if I did do that, can you imagine the mess I would have if I did that for every instrument in the band?

Of course this will be the first year I have SmartMusic on my iPad as well. How that will work out remains to be seen. It for sure will be amazing to be able to put use the Apple TV, an iPad and SmartMusic during rehearsals.

Take a look at this screenshot…. Then go download the samples from the iBook store.

UPDATE – Additional info….. Each book is 377 MB in size except of course the Percussion book which is 566MB.

As of now I do not see a Directors score in the iBook Store.

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