More Musical Exploration on an iPad – what if our students had this?

So in trying to expand my use of my iPad, I continue to explore my creative side. How can I use my iPad to create music…. So I loaded up Cubasis, AudioBus and started messing around. In the end I had another creation all done on iOS – Cubasis was the DAW, Drum tracks were done with Alchemy, bass part Distoreted Guitar and pads from SunRizer, bass2 and the wobble bass sound from Thor, bending synth sound from Launchkey and then Nave and Animoog were also used. 10 tracks of digital bliss (well that depends on your musical tastes I guess!)

A word about Cubasis – I really like the fact that when I am done with my project Cubasis allows me to upload the mixdown directly to SoundCloud. Cubasis also allows me to upload the mixdown to DropBox. I also am able to put the entire project on DropBox – all the individual tracks and the cubasis project. This allows me to access the files on my laptop. If I owned Cubase I could open the project and continue on a laptop if I so desired. Since I own Logic though – I can also import each of the tracks of audio into Logic and re-create my project in there. Not the ideal situation but the idea is that one can easily start on the iPad and move over to a laptop.

The moral of the story though is I had fun and I kept wondering what would happen if my students all had an iPad they could use at home all the time! What would they be coming up with?

So here is my creation – for those of you that have listened to some of the previous tracks I have uploaded to SoundCloud, you might notice that I have changed SoundCloud accounts. The old account is gone.


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