A Milestone!

Thank you to everyone that actually follows my blog!

Tonight there are now 50 of you using WordPress Reader to follow my Blog! A small milestone in comparison I’m sure to your blog but hey….. Now of course that number is only the number of people who have hit the follow button in WordPress. I know I myself follow a large number of blogs but I don’t usually use the WordPress function. I use Google Reader… Oops sorry, Feedly/Mr. Reader. I see there are 365 who follow this blog through the use of email updates as well!

I am humbled by the fact that the 50th person to follow my blog is a person whose work I have admired for a long time! It is because of his work with the eBand that our school here just a bit north of CMU, has an electronic group now as well! Thanks for setting an example!

I should mention too that if you do NOT use RSS feeds to follow your favorite blogs and web sites I think you are crazy! It is through RSS that I keep up with a HUGE amount of information on a daily basis! It allows me to know who has updated their web sites/blogs without having to actually go visit each and every site! Of course now I think that welcome to feedly is the best option these days…. I will say that I have had some issues with them as I have reset my iPad these past two days! in fact, I still cannot get the Feedly app to load! I have Mr. Reader working through the Feedly website which I find strange.

Follow your favorite Blogs! Build a list of great people that can help you with their experiences! Surround yourself with people that are excellent teachers! Surround yourself with people that are better than you! Check the blog roll that I have on the side of my Blog…. These are people I find that are excellent, both as genuine people as well as professionals!

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