What iPad apps are important to me as a Music Teacher?

Every now and then I like to just reset my iPad. That gives me a chance to clear the entire iPad back to factory settings. Then I have to go through and manually reinstall all my apps. This means that I don’t load an app unless I actually use it! I download a ton of apps that “sound cool” but never actually end up using them. I also download quite a few apps that go on sale for free that I know I want but again I never use them that much. I would rather have them in my iTunes account though for free then to have to pay for them later if I ever do want to use them.

I also try to do this process from memory. I figure that if I can not remember an app then I probably don’t use it that often! The apps that I have not even begun to load are the musical instruments, music notation, and music recording apps…. that will be a different blog post!

So here they all are… As a Band Director what did I load my iPad with? I will post each page of apps below. I try to organize my iPad by pages. I try to stay away from too many folders but sometimes there are just too many pages and folders start to be WAY more useful at that point in time but for now I wait on the folders. I would love to hear what I missed as an app that you use consistently.

Most of the screen shots do not have the Music Folder that I keep in my dock – The most important folder and I forgot it – I guess because I am not teaching right now and am in the middle of summer! This folder is THE reason I bought an iPad in the first place and continues to be one of the biggest reasons I use my iPad for teaching. I would be devastated if I ever had to teach again WITHOUT this folder! In this all important folder I always keep ForScore, UnRealBook and GigBook. These are the apps I use to interact with my PDF music files. Apps that are superbly written by musicians, for musicians, to perform from.

Page ONE – the apps I use every single day the most!

Apps I have on my main screen of my iPad
Apps I have on my main screen of my iPad

Page TWO –

Apps on the second page of my iPad
Apps on the second page of my iPad

Page THREE – My page with “Office” type of apps (I think OneSafe should not be on this page as I think more about it. It is being moved to Page ONE!)

Page 3

(The Education Folder – )

Folders that have to deal with teaching
Folders that have to deal with teaching

Music apps – Basic music apps that I will use almost daily while teaching band and rehearsing the students – The only other three music apps that I do not have on this page are actually in my dock. Even though they are not pictured here…. go look at the screenshot for page two. I have ForScore, UnRealBook and GigBook all installed in my dock)

Apps to teach music with
Apps to teach music with




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