SymphonyPro has been brought back to life!

SymphonyProV3I was not expecting this but it has happened…. SymphonyPro has released a Version 3!

Now I kind of liked SymphonyPro when it was out before… the app was respectable in size requirements (Which is why I deleted Notion off my 32 GB iPad) and worked all right (I never really used it a ton though because I had Sibelius and I really wanted live MIDI keyboard input with XML support)

This version 3 promises XML plus the MIDI live input recording! So I downloaded the update and got to playing. Here is what I found….

WARNING – I don’t usually post app reviews here that are negative but this is pretty bad. I had to warn people!

The short version is that the app actually DOES indeed record MIDI input from a keyboard hooked up via the Camera Connection Kit. I was pretty happy with the way the rhythms looked too! But the kicker is that the notes are ALL messed up! I play a C and it thinks it’s a B. Now I thought maybe it was the transpose button on the keyboard had gotten pushed so I kept playing a C on the keyboard and tapped the transpose button until the screen said I was playing a C. Then things got real bad…

I play a C Major arpeggio and it transcribes a C minor! I play a C minor arpeggio and Symphony Pro transcribes a C Major!

So then I’m thinking it was the keyboard as I don’t use it real often. So I fired up two other apps to see what happens in those apps. Everything worked exactly as I expected! In fact I had to un-transpose the keyboard to get it back to actually playing a C.

Then I get to thinking that maybe Im having apps interfere with each other so I force quite every app in the iPad dock and try SymphonyPro again. Same story.

If you would like to see this happen for your self go watch my YouTube video….

I don’t have time to test the rest of the app – it was this MIDI live recording that I was so excited about working and that’s all I got to.

Buyer Beware!

2 thoughts on “SymphonyPro has been brought back to life!

  1. Hi Paul,
    I use Notion and Shymphony Pro and the problem entering notes in live recording was resolved, and I think it is (live recording) much better than in Notion.
    Congratulations, your articles are great!

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