Promising new Apps for iOS toting Music teachers

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Well actually that post title is a bit misleading! These are just some promising new apps that I’ve run across in this month. Now I’m not saying these are apps that JUST came out – you can do the research on THAT. What I am saying though is that I just ran across them this month and I’m liking them.

InstaShare – need to share a file or a  photo? Want to share it right now? Try this service! – is another app much like InstaShare – In fact it claims to be the FedEx of media files!

Like Evernote but want to try something new and fresh? Have you seen Moxtra? Moxtra will help you master the chaos plus share it plus allow online meetings and remote access! I wonder if this would work for online portfolios?

Speaking of portfolios – that makes me think of grading which makes me think of ways to grade better and easier! Which then made me think of PE – no wait… that’s just where this next app came from… Mr. Robbo over at . Easy Assessment App – Create groups, add students then you create rubrics and add items to grade in that rubric. Then you start grading away! This is very slick! Quick too!

If you have run across any great, new, promising technologies/apps leave a comment so we can check them out!


7 thoughts on “Promising new Apps for iOS toting Music teachers

  1. Beware of the assessment app. I spent four hours doing assessments over the weekend only to discover it was all gone when I came back to it yesterday. Their support tells me that issue was fixed in the last update, but I haven’t updates pending. I’m really disappointed.

  2. I saw this article, and quickly downloaded Moxtra– having trouble getting Chromatik to be as wondeful as we had both hoped it would be, and so FAR, Moxtra seems like an answer! Very easy to record, while looking at the music, and sending the file is a breeze. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up!

    1. I’ve heard of a few people using Moxtra now instead of Chromatik…. It just seems way easier.

      Where are you presenting at? Sounds like blast! Good luck – hope it goes well.

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