MoosicStudio App – give away contest!

I have one free Promo code to a lucky person who thinks they would like to use Moosic Studio! (Thanks Carlos!)

Here is my write up about the Moosic Studio app

Here is the iTunes Link to the App

Here is the web site

It’s really simple to win – leave a comment below stating how you think you would use the app (although THAT might be a bit obvious) SOOOOOO….. tell me what your favorite feature of the app is PLUS the most interesting part of your music teaching studio! There, I think that will be fun!

On Sunday night the 24th of March I will pick a random person from the comments to get the free promo code!


14 thoughts on “MoosicStudio App – give away contest!

  1. I teach 50 private lessons in 8 buildings every week. This app looks like it would cure a lot of the chaos of bookkeeping of my schedule all in one place. I also keep digital portfolios in Evernote, which I think is one of the most interesting aspects of my traveling studio πŸ™‚ This looks like I could export many things to Evernote for portfolio artifacts. Pick me!

  2. I run a piano studio. My iPad comes in very handy when parents drop off siblings. One with me – one working on the iPad! This app would be great to keep track of music I loan out!

  3. As a new teacher two years out of grad school, it is very hard to find a full time job teaching band or orchestra in a public school. This year, I am filling in as a long term sub for a high school and elementary school orchestra while the teacher is on maternity leave, teaching private lessons as an adjunct professor at a local college, teaching about twenty 45 min/hour trumpet lessons a week after the school day ends or on weekends, and gigging, all to make a living. The most interesting part of my studio is that I teach students to play the trumpet from the age of 10 all the way through “weekend warrior” adults, and I love working with them all for different reasons!

    How would I use the app and what I’m excited about? Well… I have calendars, excel pages, blank receipts, handouts, a portable digital recorder, a mirror, and file folders of copies of exercises… all to keep track of and teach lessons. However as you can imagine, this is not efficient in any way what-so-ever and takes up a lot of time. About 1-2 weeks ago, I FINALLY got my first iPad and I love it! I can now keep track of many things in it (evernote, calendar, and all the music teaching tool apps involved), but I still have to worry about recording of payment and finding ways to make things more efficient so I can spend more time on my teaching and less on planning and paperwork. This app HAS to be the answer!

    I’m a huge proponent of recording one’s self, so the fact that I can incorporate this idea right into the app and share it with students is very exciting! Evernote does this a little, but I cant use it for video, and that’s a little disappointing as there are many times where I want the student to SEE, not just hear, what he or she is doing. This app also allows me to keep track of scheduling and payment, as well as sending receipts! As of now, I still take calendars to plan and record payment, but I very much dream of the day where all I need when I drive to my lesson space is my iPad and my trumpet.

  4. Enter me please!
    Excited that it’s iPad friendly…
    Interesting part of my studio? The multiculturalism! I have students from India, South America, Eastern Europe, and Japan!

  5. I love this app! Everything is in one place! My studio size is halfway to my goal, this app will help me organize business right from the start. A new amphitheater was built around the corner and this year we’ll be performing a picnic recital in the park!

  6. Looks like a great app. Having everything in one place, even better. Like the idea of having the music library connected with students and billing.

  7. I am a private piano teacher in a city of about 40 K and an interesting aspect of my studio is my music lab that I just started and am hoping my current students will participate in. I spent a lot of time getting ready for this and want to move toward using technology more in general. This app is very appealing and the best feature to me is being able to record audio and visual and keep it with everything else.

  8. I would love to have this app. Keeping organized is always a work in process. I would use this app to keep track of not just private studio but also classroom work for my public school position.

    The most interesting thing about my studio is I have more male students than female.

  9. I would use this app to streamline my piano teaching business – all a bit random at the moment… My favourite part of teaching is creativity whether it be publishing students work via Sibelius or teaching basic 5 finger scales and chords snd inversions. Student are then able to use this information to play a lead sheet. This gives them a great feeling. Piano teaching is a passion for me.

  10. I had the chance to briefly look at the app at the MTNA convention and at first glance it looked really good. I use the ipad a lot in my studio and was impressed with how easy and user friendly the app is. Since getting back I have had the opportunity to study it a bit more and its ability to sync with ical is the most exciting feature for me because I use ical to schedule lessons. Using the app will leave me more free time to focus on teaching πŸ™‚ My studio is exciting because I teach students right from babies/toddlers (in my baby music classes) to group MYC classes through to private lessons( teens and adults.) And I teach my own kids too πŸ™‚

  11. I currently use music teachers But I use my ipad a lot in my lessons and think this program would fill my needs better for less $$

  12. Congrats to Musiced20 as she is the lucky winner of the free copy of Moosic Studio! Thank you all for sharing a few lines about what you are doing in the exciting world of music ed! Best wishes to all of you!

  13. Congratulations musiced20! Please let me know how you are enjoying Moosic Studio with your 50 students!

    For those that didn’t win, you can still get Moosic Studio for $34.99 for the next few hours. The price goes up to the normal price of $39.99 at midnight tonight PST.

    Also please note that once the update with invoicing and student/studio expenses is released, we will be increasing the price to approximately $60.

    Thank you all for entering!

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