Creating Music with iOS – Meeting National Music Standards


iPads in music education can open the minds of our students to wonders that they have never imagined could be theirs! I get reminded of these moments of amazement when a students walks in while I am using technology. So many times they are wide eyed and captivated by the possibilities. Everything from playing my keyboard and having the notation instantly show up on the computer to a student asking what the name of the song is that I am playing for them to listen to and hearing their reaction when I tell them that the song was one I created on my iPad the night before. I can see the wheels spinning in their heads – “What if I could do that?”, they are asking it…. All they need are the tools! Now don’t get me wrong, I know our kids have been creating music for years with the traditional band instruments, singers, drums and electric guitars but I am not talking about the traditional here. I am talking about being able to have one iPad, a set of headphones, and a desire to create!

What if you were able to put a recording studio in the hands of your students, show them a few apps, and then give them the freedom to create? How would your students change?

iPads can open up a whole new world to our students – a world that once was cornered by only those with lots and lots of money! Now an iPad opens up the possibility of an entire recording studio filled with amazing synths, guitar amps, and recorders. Those come in the form of apps, apps that cost any where from being free to $5, $10, $15 and up to $20 and $50! Of course if you take into account the ability to record themselves with the built in mic or if they want even better quality they can hook up and external mic through the camera connection kit.

Tonight was an exploration of several apps for me…. I used MusicStudio as the multitrack recorder. For sounds I used AddictiveSynth, Sunrizer and ThumbJam. I of course used Audiobus to get them hooked together. This recording has 9 tracks.

I would be crazy excited if my students were creating music at home like this! (Not that I think this is anything spectacular – but instead just because they would be exploring and composing and enjoying themselves!)

AddictiveSynth + sunrizer-icon +  thumbjam_bannerAudioBus + MusicStudio = one evening of great fun!


4 thoughts on “Creating Music with iOS – Meeting National Music Standards

  1. I am fortunate to teach in the Cobb County (GA) School District! Rumor has it that all 60+ of our K-5 elementary general music classrooms will receive an iPad cart before the end of the year! Now I need to learn what to do with it!

  2. Hi Anthony,

    That is very exciting news for you guys! What fun that will be! I can’t imagine having 60+ music rooms! Your district is about 59 music rooms bigger than ours! How many teachers is this then for Elementary….

    but wait…. I get distracted from your original question!

    Is this going to equate to a 1:1 setting?
    What is your budget for apps?
    Do you currently have an iPad for yourself? If not are you teachers going to get yours first?
    You need to re-envision what the curriculum is going to look like – are you familiar with the term SAMR? Dig in and start figuring out little ways to incorporate that iPad to create NEW possibilities, DIFFERENT ways of doing what has been done and most exciting, LET THE KIDS CREATE!!!!!!!!

    Find some great teachers who are already using iPads in the elementary settings and who are blogging! FOLLOW their blogs – do you know about RSS? That would be one of the first apps I would install is an RSS news reader just to read what everyone else is doing!

    There are some of these blogs listed over on the right hand side in my links.

    Get on Twitter and start searching for other music teachers who tweet about what they are doing and what there classes are doing. I know for instance that every monday night there is a chat using the #musedchat and this past monday we discussed tech in the classroom. Here is a link to that chat….

    Find the people in that chat who teach and use iPads and FOLLOW them NOW!

    Check this Mused Dailey out –

    That gives you a bit to chew on…

  3. I appreciate your advice! We don’t yet know the details, but if not 1:1, it will be close. We have a zero budget for apps, but somehow I don’t think that will stop us from buying them for our classrooms. I do already have an iPad that I’m just beginning to use in my classroom. I’m finding new apps every month that seem helpful. I’ll follow your suggested links and see where the journey leads. I am so excited for our students!

    By the way, we have 67 elementary schools in our 114-school district.

    Thanks again,

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