SmartMusic on iPad’s! Demo Video



I thought I was done posting for the day….

and then….

SmartMusic sent an email with a link to an online demo of the SmartMusic iPad app in action! Now I’m really getting excited!


9 thoughts on “SmartMusic on iPad’s! Demo Video

  1. Of course after I thought about the video and then read the requirements the first question I had was … the requirements say that headphones or external speakers are required but in the video he was not using either one! So was he using AirPlay or BlueTooth or was is “just” a demo?

    1. Paul,

      Glad you’re also excited about the work we’re doing! In the studio we used for filming I could mostly hear the accompaniment and metronome, but it was a sub-par experience as a performer (or student). When demoing in other situations, I’ll always use a sound system. When we have students try it out, we provide headphones and it’s such a positive experience that we felt it’s really important to have the extra boost for use.

  2. Hi James! Thank you so much for the response! I kind of figured that was the situation – you could kind of hear but not good enough for a student! Very interesting that you mention using headphones…. I’ve wondered about doing this in the past but I figured that it would not allow the student to hear themselves well enough. So what kind of headphones are you guys suggesting? Just little ol’ ear buds that students would be using on their iPod’s/iPad’s anyways?

    1. The iPhone lanyard is a really good way to balance the accompaniment and still hear yourself singing or playing, but we want to finalize things with our testing folks before officially stating what we find to work best.

  3. Is there a way to use smartmusic on iPad and have it work with an external Bluetooth speaker? So far – I have not been able to get it to work. It would be excellent in a private lesson to have it connect to my speaker.

    1. Winter,

      Thanks to my friend Chris, here is your answer. I am away from home right now so he checked it out for us….


      @tpshimmons Okay. I have a Vers Q1 Bluetooth speaker & it does not work with SmartMusic (other audio, movies do). Have sent MM an e-mail.

      1. Lol! Funny you should ask…. AirPlay and BlueTooth both are a huge wish list. A wish list that is so close to being real! The problem is the demand of the audio being in sync with the onscreen animation.

        It is not just SmartMusic that I am having this trouble with. Tonal energy tuner is having the same issue. The official response from SmartMusic is what I expected, they don’t support it. I am surprised that Airplay works at all like this. If it wasn’t for the weird echo/repeat of whatever the mic is picking up through the built in iPad speaker Airplay would be very useable!

  4. I have talked with SmartMusic. They are not interested in making their product work with BlueTooth speakers. My only conclusion is that the developers of the product must be dead, to not be able set one up in their lab and at least introduce a feature that allows the user to adjust the internal metronome to overcome the latency and sync with the music. Sigh…Oh well. What can you say? It appears they are milking an old product for everything it’s worth.

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