Music Resources iPad app Give-Away

Music Resources is an iPad app that is full of pre-designed music theory worksheets and handouts that you can print for your students. (here is the Web site with a video and more details)  There are all sorts of different categories from blank staff paper to chords, flash cards, games and puzzles to worksheets dealing with Keys and Scales. I love the fact that they included rudiments that I can print for my percussion kids too! There are Practice Theory Exams and many more!
PrintopiaAll of these can be printed right from your iPad assuming you have a way to utilize AirPrint. In fact if you are using a mac and have not seen Printopia you really need to take a look at this excellent resource that allows you to AirPrint from your iPad to a printer that is available via that mac running Printopia.  Seeings as how your iPad is accessing this via the wi-fi network that means I can leave my computer running Printopia on my Desk in my Band Room office and I can still print from  anywhere else in the school! Printopia offers several other options as well, like printing to PDF on my Desktop or sending to DropBox even!
But I get sidetracked way too easy! the developer of Music Resources has given us some promo codes to give away to the first people to grab them! This is a great resource to have available to any music teacher! If you are the lucky person that gets the promo code…. just pass the word on to others about the app please!

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