iPad in the Elementary Music Classroom

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 9.49.45 PMI have two iPads now that I am using in my teaching. One of which I have started letting my 1st graders use on a daily basis. We are working on reading rhythms so that we can play the drums in our spring concert the end of April. So I loaded up RhythmCat Lite and we have been having a blast! In fact they like it so much that I bought the RhythmCatPro version.

FlashNoteAnother app we have been using is FlashNote Derby. This app allows me to pick the notes on the staff that I want the students to learn the names of. Then we start…. there are two horses on screen that race while the kids pick which note it is that is being shown. I have one kid man the iPad while the rest of the class helps out by saying which note it is. Of course the student at the iPad has to use their own knowledge along with what the class is telling them the answer is and decide the final answer – things get intense! It really cracks me up when they start yelling out answers BEFORE there is even a question up on the screen. They settle in though quickly and stop just guessing!

I’ve included a video to show you how the FlashNote app captures the students attention at the end of the blog post here.

ClassDojoI do have to say that I’ve also had to figure out a way in which to keep track of who has taken their turn on the iPad – This is a HUGE deal with 1st graders! (I guess I can understand why!) So I started using ClassDojo with the 1st graders as well as my Band Students. If you have not seen ClassDojo it is a great app to keep track of all sorts of thing – quickly and without wasting time. You set up your list of names, then you set up your list of things you want to keep track of and then you start giving points. A few words of warning here – There is an iOS app out – it is ONLY FOR TEACHERS! This is the app I use all the time in class. There is also set up that needs to happen FROM THE WEB SITE! I strongly encourage you to tryout their preset list of actions to give points for but then quickly make that list your own (or let your students help you create the list)

The 1st graders are doing great with these rhythms in RhythmCat that include Whole notes, half notes and quarter notes. The quarter rest is really throwing them for a loop though! Anyways… here is the video link to the students using FlashNote Derby.. enjoy….


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