iPad helping take care of school business!

Attendance2-Icon72As we were sitting in our Music Teacher Professional Development the other day another teacher noticed my iPad stand on my folio cabinet and proceeded to ask what it was there for. So here it is….

In my search for iPad apps to help with the record keeping details of teaching, I had downloaded Attendance2 a long time ago. Then I laid it to the side and dug into some other apps.

Then ChoirGuy posted this a few days ago. It’s all about the new ability in Attendance2 to read QR and Bar Codes. Brilliant! Since his post Attendance2 has been updated to be able to scan the codes from either the front OR back camera on the iPad.

I quickly followed his example and printed out the Bar Codes  – They upload to DropBox and then from there I dumped them into a Pages document. I shrunk each QR code down to .75 inches wide and am able to get about 90 on one page! The app has no problem reading them when they are this small. My students stuck them on their music folders and simply scan themselves in as they enter class. This also assures that they will have their music folder with them at their seats – they should then have all of our notes, music theory info, scales, music history notes and other things that we keep at all times in those folders. It doesn’t take my high schoolers hardly any extra time to do this attendance this way. It’s a bit more time consuming for 5th grade but worth it. Worth it because at the appointed time I grab the iPad – take about 3 seconds and look for red names (those are the absent ones) double check to make sure and mark it!

Attendance2 has some videos online here


3 thoughts on “iPad helping take care of school business!

  1. I know this post is from a long time ago but reading your blog has given me awesome ideas in using the technology I have with me to run my band efficiently. Thank you!

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