Using the ShowYou App – Sending video links to your account

Back in October I wrote a post about using the ShowYou app to keep a collection of videos from YouTube that I want to share with my classes.

Here is an update on how I send videos links to my account. It gets a bit confusing and if you don’t do it correctly you may not even notice until you have navigated away from that video and if you are like me some days I can’t find that video again for nothing!

You must have your email associated with your ShowYou account

This is where your email is in the setting section of the app
This is where your email is in the setting section of the app


Then you most know the email that you send YouTube video links to –

ShowYou Email


Then I used this email to send a link of the YouTube webpage with the video on it that I wanted to share with my class later. I actually created a fake person in my address book named Share Person with the email. That way all I have to remember is when I send an email I type in the fake name of Share and the email gets filled in automatically!

Of course I frequently find my self sending the email from the wrong email account (not email account I have on record at at that point in time ShowYou sends me a nice little email response saying this…

Oops! Wrong email!
Oops! Wrong email!

Hope this helps you in your process of using the Showyou app!


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