Email – Gmail, Apple Mail and MailboxApp

I just have to say that I usually just use my Mail app on my laptop if I am actually using a computer to go through my email. I hardly ever use the web interface for Gmail. I just have to say that I tried using that interface of Gmail, in a web browser, tonight and I hate it! Maybe it’s just because I don’t use it often enough and I am not used to it.

My favorite way to deal with email though these days is through my iPhone first! I whip through a TON on email on a daily basis as I walk back and forth or am just sitting waiting.

I also have to say that I am looking forward to trying out the new MailboxApp coming soon! I’ve watched the videos online and read all they have to read. I like what I see. I will be trying it out and I will stick to just that one app as much as possible for a good solid week at least! But now I have to go because my son made it onto snow fest court and I get to enjoy being a Dad!



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