iPad’s and Notation in the Classroom

The realm of possibilities of musical notation on an iPad has drastically been interrupted this past week or so. Let me explain.

As of this moment there have been several notation apps that have appeared on the scene for iPad’s. Symphony Pro app was one of those apps. That app was demoed by the TechinMusicEd Blog here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTFn-0QqQGo. As of now though Symphony Pro is not to be found on the app store and I also can not get their web site to load either! Notion is the other important music notation app for the iPad. If you have been following Notion Music as a company you will know that one of the reasons that Notion for iPad is so important (besides the fact that it worked) is that Notion has a desktop version of their app available as well. Notion for desktop was recently priced at a mere $99 as well! This is a huge development as the “two big” players in the world of music notation apps, Finale and Sibelius, cost considerably more.

Now, as a music educator who uses music notation apps constantly, you must understand that I have not been very “into” using any of the iPad apps to take care of any of my notating needs. The reason? Simple… 1)I don’t want to start work on my iPad and then have it only be only accessible on the iPad. 2)I have become very fluent in using Sibelius. 3)If I am going to use an app to do my work it HAS to make my life easier not harder!

or (this is the most exciting!)

4)The app has to do something my laptop can’t do!

ThinkMusicTechnology has all of a sudden shown up with a world upsetting promo video about a new music notation app. This promo video has really created a lot of buzz! Not all of it good either! If you have not seen this video – or even if you have – TechinMusicEd Blog has a great break down of the video and the amazing concepts it has thrown out there as new and innovative ideas that they are trying to develop into an actual app.

Tonight ThinkMusicTechnology has posted a new video about what they are doing with their new app. This video I believe is a clear response to some of the criticism/skepticism about the app they are clearly developing. Go take a look… I know I would LOVE to get this app along with an iPad into the hands of every single one of my students!

2 thoughts on “iPad’s and Notation in the Classroom

  1. Not sure the point of this. I am a parent who wants a music notation teaching app for my 10-year-olds, who read music, but not that well. I don’t want a composition app, just one that teaches theory. Do you know of any?

  2. Carrie – The point of having an app that you can handwrite music in that will then become digitized? That my friend is a door that opens up exciting possibilities.

    BUT…. to answer your other question, which is a much easier and quicker answer – There are several apps that would work well – there is one called Music Theroy (has a picture of an owl on a piano), NoteWorks, FlashNote Derby,
    RhythmCat and ReadRhythm along with MyRhythm and Rhythm Lab are great apps for helping with rhythm skills.
    There are many others. Those will get a 10 year old started though. I do really like two others though – Theory and Tenuto – both are from http://musictheory.net

    If you find others that help and your son really enjoy leave another comment and I would love to take a look at what you find as well!

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