Music Creation on an iPad Mini – Music Creation in our Schools

Back in the day, you know…. When the iPad first came out…. People would complain that the iPad was not good for creation. They were convinced that the iPad was for consuming content and showing content.

My how the world changes in just a few years! I think that Apple had no idea what was going to happen when they released the iPad. I do fully believe that they also were anxiously waiting to see what people would do with it! In fact I think Apple still has a lack in what people are doing with their iPad creation! Case in point…. Look at Apples iPad mini commercial they just released… LINK… A few short days later a slightly different version of that ad came out. LINK. This is the version Apple should have done! How perfect of an example is that of what the iPad mini is capable of!

Apple knows sometimes that the tool they have created is simply amazing. They have no clue of the extent that people will go to find new and great ways to utilize that tool though. In fact, I'm not convinced that they even have figured out how it's being used currently. That add is one example. The iPad in education is another example. There are many people using this in their classrooms who have great ideas that should be implemented NOW. There are also valid concerns and complaints about how iPad's get deployed and used in an education environment that Apple should be finding solutions to.

I've got to wonder about other people are thinking too. This entire uproar about Apple's Maps app is a good example. I think part of Tim Cooks response to the public was perfect…. He gave a nice concise list of other options for maps that people should try out! The other options really were not better choices, at least the ones I tried! I'm not even sure that GoogleMaps are a better option. It was a perfect response that Tim Cook said, “Here are your other options, I encourage you to try them out!” This was a clear statement of, if you don't like what we offer you are free to stop whining and go try someone else's product!

Make a difference… Use the tech to do things that were not possible before. Use the tech to find new possibilities. Use the tech to make your life better, more smile and more fulfilling. The beauty of putting something out there into people's hand is that they think of things you do not. In fact, isn't this what we should be doing with our students? Giving them tools and telling to to go explore! Why do we have to tell them to recreate what has already been done? Shouldn't we be providing them opportunities to discover new possibilities, chances to create music that has never been created and giving them a desire to be active in this process OUTSIDE of the classroom? Look what has happened with the iPad. Apple still misses the point frequently, like that add. Teachers are like Apple, we miss the point frequently as well. I want students that take what I give them and then they come up with outstanding innovations that I would never have thought of!

Just a few thoughts.


One thought on “Music Creation on an iPad Mini – Music Creation in our Schools

  1. I think i saw something similar on SharkTank, on season 3. Even if from what i remember the app was more targeted to help people teach play certain instruments, like the guitar, piano etc. Anyway i believe that the inevitably happens, and will happen just like with the books, just as people got used to read books on a tablet they will get used to compose on tablets or other more advance gadgets as opposed to the usual musical instruments.

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