iTunes11 is out! Using it to make ringtones and my thoughts on the new version…

For some reason, as tech oriented as I am, I have never really gotten into creating my “own” ringtones or buying them. But my son’s phone ringing this morning got me to thinking about why I have never done this before. Of course when I went googling around for instructions all of them were outdated because of the new version of iTunes11! I figured it out and then decided I should write a tutorial on how it works, because the process is really easy. Of course then someone beat me to the punch! Simon (I think his name is Simon) has written a tutorial exactly as if I had written it so go check this out…. RingTones on iTunes!!

As for the new version of iTunes11…. It is very different. My three favorite changes are the new album view, the new MiniPlayer and the fact that they have taken away coverflow and all those little icons that gave you different ways to see you music – I never really got into those! Plus, the album artwork now loads wicked quick, even though my entire library is in iTunes Match. Album artwork has been one of my hangups with iTunes Match this past year and that issue has been taken care of now.

The Album view is simply beautiful! When viewing by album you see all of your CD artwork and then when you click on an album cover that album expands in place – right there – no jumping to a totally different view or something weird – it just expands down and shows you a list of all the tracks on that album. The beautiful part is that iTunes11 does some crazy fast analyzation of your artwork and uses colors from the artwork in the expanded view that shows your track listing. You have to go see it to fully understand but here are a few screen shots to give you an idea. By the way the iPad Remote app has been updated and functions in the same manner!

iTunes11Art1 iTunes11 Art2 iTunes11 Art3

I also really like the MiniPlayer. In the past I have never used the mini version of iTunes, in fact I couldn’t think of much of a reason that they had even included it as a feature! This time around Apple nailed it though! The MiniPlayer is very going to be very useful. First of all you can do a search for a song you are looking for and boy is it fast! Then when you find a song you want to listen to, you can click on the arrow beside that song and use the new play next feature to set that song or album as the next music to play.

The MiniPlayer

iTunes11 MP

The MiniPlayer showing what will be playing next

iTunes11 miniplayer


Searching for a song in the MiniPlayer

iTunes MP Searching

The MiniPlayer showing options when you find a song

iTunes11 Play Next


It is also easier to add things to you iOS devices, you can use the built-in camera to redeem gift cards now and even better iCloud functions! Apple has a great list highlighting everything on their web-site. If you have not downloaded the new version because you are not sure you like new versions of apps go get this version now! I know Apple has messed up new version of  iTunes in the past – Not this time.


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