YouTube videos in class

I posted a few days ago about my hopes of being able to use the ShowYou app in class to show YouTube videos full screen. Using the app on my iPad it works wonderfully! I can quickly pull up the YouTube videos without all the garbage around it that would distract a middle school, or high school, student. I can then flick the video full screen and even the rest of everything is gone – the controls and background etc.

The problem came when I tried mirroring my app onto the Apple TV. ShowYou is a perfect example that not every app mirrors exactly as you see on the iPad screen! The video would never go full screen! After playing around with it tonight more I think I might have a solution. I’m going to NOT mirror my iPad onto the screen but instead use the AppleTV to pump just the video out to. Of course here at home this works beautifully while using the ReflectionApp and also the AirServerApp. We will see what happens when I try it at school tomorrow with the AppleTV

I am still having issues getting the AppleTV to display using as much of the projector screen as possible. I’ve really had to fiddle around with the audio/video settings in the AppleTV as well as on the projector. This then messes things up when I try to jump back to my iMac to display SmartMusic! Come on MakeMusic! Hurry with the SmartMusic iPad version will ya?!


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