YouTube in the Classroom with ShowYou app

YouTube has always slightly scared me when I go to show a video in class. It’s always a gamble on what’s going to show up. At the same time I don’t like the alternatives like SchoolTube and other services like that. I mean, everyone is using YouTube. Now that Apple doesn’t have a YouTube app the other issue is that when I use the YouTube web site through Safari I can not get the videos to pop out full screen. Of course I could embed a link to the video I want to use in class on my band web page but that seems a few too many steps.

Enter ShowYou. If you have not seen this service you need to use it. Go read about it at their website to get the full idea of what they envision there service as being. Here’s how I use it. Whenever I find a website with a video on it that I want to share with my class, or that I just simply want to “save” so I can find it later easily, I simply email a link to that page to my ShowYou account. I’ve actually created a contact with the name Show You and the correct email. That way it is really easy and I can actually remember it! Then that video magically shows up in my ShowYou wall of videos. No ear of scantly clad women on the sidelines distracting my students. Plus from this app I can flick the video to full screen or simply tap on the expand icon.

An additional benefit is that I can find other music educators or musicians who use the service and follow them. This lets me find out what others are discovering and sharing that I might not otherwise discover.

Here is a picture of the main wall of the app…. This is not my wall of videos because I don’t like my user icon so you don’t get to make fun me…. You have to follow my ShowYou account if you want to see that!


3 thoughts on “YouTube in the Classroom with ShowYou app

  1. What a great discovery! I am really interested in making this app work for me in my classroom. I have a bunch of YouTube videos favorited in my YouTube account and I would love to get them incorporated in ShowYou. I cannot seem to figure out how to create a ShowYou email and send them. Could you detail how you did that?

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