ForScore helps DropBox and UnRealBook and a Band Director!

I love ForScore…. Maybe I should say that I love finding solutions to problems!

As we all know there is a limitation in iOS when using the Open In menu. Only 10 apps are allowed in there for some reason (Hopefully this changes!) This presents a problem frequently.

I email myself a PDF file for instance that needs to be saved into DropBox and I can’t do it because DropBox is not one of those ten apps in the Open Menu from the mail app. So I used ForScore as a go between… I opened the PDF into ForScore, used ForScore to rename the file and then used ForScore to upload that PDF to DropBox! Then I jump into the DropBox app and move the file into the proper folder where I want it saved to. At that time then I can jump into UnRealBook and download the file from DropBox.

It really is much faster and easier than it sounds!

Some of you may be wondering why in the world even bother with DropBox and UnRealBook. I mean come on…. I’ve got the PDF into ForScore I could just stop there and be happy! Well it’s all about flexibility and backups! If ForScore crashed and I lost all the music/drill that was in that app and I didn’t have a backup I could be in big trouble. Especially at a concert! Plus sometimes I like using ForScore and other times I like using UnRealBook – they both do certain things better. Plus if it is all on DropBox I’ve got those files backed up in the cloud, on my laptop, on my home iMac, on the school iMac and several spot

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