Apple TV and my Classroom

So I have an Apple TV in my Band Room now! So excited!

One issue is a bit annoying though. When I use the AppleTV 3rd gen, to mirror my iPad the picture on my screen is not the size I expected. The classroom projector displays the image but with black space around it. In other words it is not filling the screen. I thought maybe this was simply the resolution of the AppleTV and that was as big as the image was going to get. Then I put on a movie. To my surprise the image filled the entire screen! I tried a photo slide show and again the AppleTV was utilizing the entire screen!

I am running the AppleTV through the KanexATV Pro adaptor because my projector does not have a HDMI input. I do have to say that I am very happy with this adaptor. What totally blows me away is that salespeople in electronic stores have no idea about this adaptor! But that's another post later!

Now, in comparison, when I use the AirServerApp on my iMac, and mirror my iPad the image fills the entire screen. Again I at first thought that AirServerApp was doing its magic through software and that there was simply limitations in what the AppleTV was able to put out. Until I tried the movie!

So here are some pictures…. The first is the AppleTV mirroring the iPad. The next is AirServerApp mirroring the iPad. The last two are of the AppleTV showing a video and a picture show. Those two prove that the AppleTV is capable of filling the screen but for some reason doesn’t when simply mirroring the iPad.







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