iOS6 Update and iPads in Education

iOS6 has been such a huge benefit to using iPads in class, and for that matter just in general. Let me tell you a couple of my favorite benefits.

First there is the Open In menu, some people call it the Share Menu. It's the little icon with the curly up arrow in it that allows you to open/share a document into another app. I the past when you tapped on this menu you got a list of ten times and that was it. If the app you wanted was not in that list you had to delete an app or two until the desired app showed up. Now the menu is not limited to ten items! This is such a great thing! Plus we et the added benefit of having a much nicer menu to look at.

So why do I like this new menu so much? For instance, when I scan a piece of music into a PDF file and it is in my Mail app, I need to get that PDF into my music app. I will use UnRealBook usually, since this apps name started with a U, it used to be one of my trouble apps. Now it actually shows up and it is a simple click away. BUT the workflow I usually use is to take that PDF and drop it into DropBox first. When doing that make sure you save a step and actually put it into the correct folder. Then I can access that PDF that is now in DropBox from UnRealBook or ForScore. Of course it is a simple move to use a four finger swipe back to the Mail app and use the Open In menu to quickly open the PDF into either of those apps as well.

Usually if I have only one PDF I will open the PDF into each app real quick. The three apps I am putting PDF's into are DropBox, UnRealBook and ForScore. GigBook would be another great choice. If I have three or four PDF's then I usually just put all of them into DropBox and then use UnRealBook to download all files that are not on my iPad. I'm so glad Aron put that feature in his app!

One other feature I am using is the new way in which Messenger works. Now that I can have my phone messages also show up on my iPad my life just got a tad simpler. I can keep working on one device if a message comes through instead of interrupting and switching devices. Of course with the new notifications I can choose to simply ignore those messages as well but because it comes through on my iPad I'm not stopping work and checking the phone to see if it was important, because I'm sure every message coming through is absolutely important! ( and yes, it's only my wife that messages me so every message is THAT important!)



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