iPad Apps for Music Teachers To Use

I am currently using these apps frequently in classes (well I WILL be – we haven’t really started school but we had Band Camp already)

FileMakerPro, ForScore, UnRealBook, AnyTuneHQ, Avid Scorch, Cleartune or Tonal Energy, Tempo, Fingerings, NoteShelf, Evernote, Reminders and of course Safari and the Music app. I also use ShowYou for videos. I use AirSketch to display PDF worksheets to write on during class. Of course Dark Sky and the Weather Channel are very handy during marching season as well!

I am currently working on figuring out;

Smart Seat, TeacherKit and Teacher Assistant. For taking an in depth look at our marching I am starting to use Ubersense or Coach’s Eye or Coach My video.

Those are the apps that I am using DURING a rehearsal on any given day.


2 thoughts on “iPad Apps for Music Teachers To Use

  1. I encourage music teachers to try Simple Music and Baby Chords for an innovative arrangement of chords where pressing three consecutive keys always forms major and minor chords. Also Guitar⋆ and Piano Pro⋆ from Simple Solutions (soon to change to Keynote Star) provide useful mobile music instrument uses. These apps are available on the AppStore, the first two with free versions. Please provide me your best feedback as music teachers.

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