Mountain Lion and Tips for OSX

A few thoughts for you about Mountain Lion and then a few tips about using Mountain Lion that I use all the time.

I love the way that Apple has priced their OS updates. I literally used coins to buy Mountain Lion! Now if that’s not reasonably priced  I don’t know what you are looking for! That’s one of the reasons so many people will update. People are not afraid to update their OS when we are talking about Apple. Take a look at the fact that Apple’s server traffic was 6 times higher than normal because of Mountain Lion. Of course another reason they will update is because they are fairly certain that the update is not going to totally mess up their computer and make things run worse than before! (Usually – One of my friends had their MacBook hard drive crash while updating. Not so sure that was because of Mountain Lion so much as it because it was not a solid state drive.)

Several things I have noticed since installing ML:

  1. My Mail app is wicked fast now! It had gotten to the point before I updated that I just would use my iPhone or iPad to do my mail because it was SO much faster. Now when I open Mail on my MacBookPro it open RIGHT NOW and is ready to go!
  2. Safari still freaks me out with the integrated search and address bar. I am loving it but I still am not used to it.
  3. Have you used the new Tab Browser in Safari? If you open a ton of tabs like I do it is easy to forget what each one is. Using the Tab Browser you get a cover flow of all the tabs you have open and it is easy to swipe through and pick the one you want. If you have tabs open go try it right now…. If you don’t then here is a great reason to go randomly open about 5 tabs and THEN go check it out. The icon will appear next to the tab plus icon up in the menu bar – take a look…
  4. Messages has just become a bit more useful to me. Why? Well let me tell you…. did you realize that while using the preview function you now have options like sending a mail message, a tweet, sending a message using message, posting to flickr  and even sending an AirDrop. I have always hated sending a screenshot through my email. It just clogs things up and adds clutter I don’t really want in my mail. Now I take a screenshot, hit the space bar to preview the screenshot from my desktop, and send it using messages to myself. Because I have messages set up on my computer, iPad and iPhone all three, I receive the screenshot on my iPad. I then open it in Skitch to add those fancy arrows you see above and below.
  5. I am loving the integration of the above tip as well as the integration of being able to tweet right from the notifications center. I can now do things like tweet or send a message without having to actually open the apps! That saves me time. Add up all that saved time and I now have more time to spend doing other things, like practice my euphonium and piano.

I am looking forward to having tabs in Safari be synced across all my devices when iOS 6 comes out in the fall.

If you have updated to ML I would love to know what new things you are using and loving the most. Leave a comment… share the fun you are having!

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