Auria App has been released! iPad DAW re-defined!

If you are looking for a way to record audio on your iPad you know have a new amazing option as of today.

Auria by WaveMachine Labs is an app that allows you to record up to 24 tracks of digital audio at a time and will playback up to 48 tracks of audio at a time. Not only will it record but there are effects built-in for you to apply to those tracks. You can edit your recordings and master the final recording. I think we will be seeing some awesome music being created with this app.

The app has been keeping many people checking the website for news of the app approval by Apple for a while now. I have not had the $49 dollars to purchase it yet so I can not personally state how well this app works compared to MultiTrack DAW by Harmonicdog for instance.

Of course you will need an audio interface to keep all those 48 tracks of your wonderful creativity into your iPad. There is a page listing audio interfaces that have been tested with Auria. None of these interfaces actually allow for recording 24 tracks at a time so I am wondering how WaveMachines Lab tested the 24 track limit. They must have chained a couple devices together. If you are looking at these interfaces there is a significant thought to keep in mind…. what is listed as the number of inputs on most of these interfaces is not “really” what most of us will be utilizing. For instance, the PreSonus 1818VLS claims 18 inputs. most of us are really interested in only ever using 8 of those inputs. 8 of those inputs are for the mic/line level/instrument inputs that we commonly use. There are SPDIF and ADAT inputs to account for the other 10 to get to 18 total. Who uses those anyways?

If you grab this app let us know how well it works. It’ll be awhile before I get it as the price tag is a bit steep for me. Don’t get me wrong though… I think this app is totally worth that price! The website states that this is only the introductory price too. Makes me wonder if they are planning on raising the price at some point.


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