iTunes will never be able to do this…


iTunes is an amazing piece of software. I’ve used it since before Apple bought the software and named it iTunes. I should not admit this but I could not believe it the first time I stuck in a CD and found out I could typed in the names to the track and they reappeared the next time I put the same CD into the computer!

I even use the iTunes store, not nearly as much as my teenage sons though. We buy music online frequently and appreciate the chance to do so. But iTunes will never be able to reproduce the experience like I had today, TWO TIMES TODAY!

The first experience was while shopping in WalMart. I wandered by the CD racks and glanced around. There in the last bin, on the bottom rack, I saw the latest Yanni CD. Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico is an album I’ve been thinking about buying. I’ve also been considering purchasing the DVD. So my surprise to find out that the disc I was holding in my hand was actually the CD plus the DVD all for $15! I bought it!

The next place we went was to the mall, which here in this great northern town was a pretty dim prospect. But in a comic book/Warcraft store I spotted a rack of CD’s (don’t worry, I was standing in the hallway glancing in.) I flipped through the CD’s and started spotting a few Amy Grant CD’s. The first ones were several of her old disc’s from the 80’s! Then I found even more of her CDs! Of course my next question was how much they were so my daughter ran up to the counter to ask and found out that the disc’s that were not marked were $1! I couldn’t believe it! First of all, what were the chances of me finding one or two of these CD’s I had listened to while growing up that were on cassette tapes? Now who would have believed that they were that price! I ended up find 17 CD’s in total, 13 of which were all from Amy Grant! Obviously I am not a fantastical Amy Grant fan, or else I would probably have already had those albums! But at $1 a piece I now own 13 more of her albums, on CD, that I will enjoy listening to and exposing my children to as well.

My brother and I have often discussed that we both enjoy having a physical CD and case in hand to look at while listening to music rather than buying it online without the case. There is just something about having that information available. Yes, I know that many of the digital albums come with a PDF now.




2 thoughts on “iTunes will never be able to do this…

  1. What a lucky day! Those Amy Grant CD covers bring back a lot of memories for me. I can’t find The Collection CD online anywhere. You’ve inspired me to keep looking at those sale racks! Thanks for sharing.

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