Mountain Lion upcoming AirPlay Updates

I just decided to actually watch the WWDC presentation from Apple. I followed along on the day of the event on twitter and several live feeds. (Yes, you read that correctly…. SEVERAL). I’m not sure why I did not think about what an amazing solution Apple has presented my school system with until I actually watched the video. I guess this is a prime example of why our students need to actually SEE things sometimes.

THE PROBLEM: Our auditorium is one of the best spots in our area for school to come to so we can hold PD with each other. One of the issues we ran into though was that in building this room we were very short sighted and did not wire it to allow for a presenter to stand up front with a laptop and present on the screen. I know, I know… very stupid on my part at least, not to mention all the tech guys. Of course this WAS back in 2004 when we were building the plans.

THE SOLUTION: Apple will now allow us to give the presenter a laptop and they will be able to use AirPlay to present wirelessly. If you have no idea what AirPlay is then you need to load up the video and jump to about 60 minutes into it. I have been using AirPlay on my iPhone for music since it became available. I have been using AirPlay with my iPad in class as well to project anything on my iPad to the screen in front of the class. Now my laptop will become just as useful! You do not know how much of an issue trying to come up with a solution to this problem has been over the past few years. Of course my district is a PC district so this is not a perfect solution. Plus if they are going to use MY laptop (the Bands laptop) then that means I am going to have to actually have to install PowerPoint. It also means I a had better go get an Apple TV and one of those nifty adaptors to go from HDMI to VGA.

And at only $19.99 for the update price to Mountain Lion this is going to be a no-brainer!


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