Apple TV Adaptor

In response to my last post Kevin left a comment about an adaptor for hooking an Apple TV up to a projector that does not have an hdmi connection. I am not sure if I have even listed the adaptors that are available for this situation. I know there are several but as I still do not have an Apple TV yet I have not used them to be able to write a comparison or even state how well they work.

ChoirGuy over on wrote an article about these adaptors and even has a nice video to go along with the write up. If you have not read his blog you should subscribe to his RSS feed and keep up to date on his use of iPad’s in music education (he is a choir teacher).

Here is the adaptor Kevin mentioned. It is the Kanex ATV Pro and sells for $59.95 on their web site.  Thanks for the heads up Kevin! If anyone is using these adaptors and can attest to how well they do or do not work leave us a comment below. I am very interested in how well the Apple TV with one of these adaptors works for mirroring a music app like MorphWiz or PianoPro. I know with the software ReflectionApp or AirServer App the latency time is too great to actually use that type of solution in a performance setting (for the audience to see what is happening on the iPad).


5 thoughts on “Apple TV Adaptor

  1. I am planning on using this next year with an AppleTV…I tried using an Airport Express but the IT people didn’t like a network they couldn’t control, plus all I could get was audio. I will buy this myself, along with an AppleTV and let you know how well it works in the classroom with my iPad.

  2. I have one Paul and will hook it up and test before I head to my workshop next Friday! Will let you know! Can I share a copy of yesterday’s blog as part of my handout! I like the way you explained the different options all of which were on my plan with this device! Great minds think alike! 🙂

  3. You just SAVED me! I was writing to tell you I couldn’t get sound when I connected with this device – picture was awesome. As I looked at your blog and the wonderful picture, I saw the audio jack!! How did I miss that – I was thinking audio came from ATV. This device is fabulous. Need me to check an App for you! Thanks for posting this as the device has been sitting on my counter for weeks. Your post encouraged me to test it!

  4. Shirley,

    Sorry I did not respond earlier, two of my boys graduated this year and the open house was this Saturday. I had to kind of chuckle when you said that I saved you…l the only reason that picture was posted on my blog was because I could not find out at first whether or not that adaptor actually supports audio at all either! Then I saw that picture and the 1/8 plug! The reason I figured I would put the picture up there is so that I can find it later easily, I use my blog as a way to keep me organizd! Glad it helped you too! Rest assured though you are not alone in missing that jack.

    Of course you may use any of my blog posts when ever you see that they might benefit others. I would be honored.

    As for apps…. Do you you morphwiz or sample wiz or a piano app? I just wonder what the latency is like, when you play a song does it respond/ sound like it does with nothing plugged into the iPad to mirror.

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