PDF Music Workflow with PDF Music Readers and DropBox

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything but these past few weeks have been full of preparation for Fine Arts Week. Through that preparation though I’ve started using a specific workflow that seems to be working pretty well.

When I digitize music at the school one purpose is for archival and the main purpose is so that I can access that PDF music on my iPad. Here is how I’ve been doing it….

Step 1)Digitize the music using our school copier which scans and emails me a file. I make one file for the parts and a second file for the score.
Step 2)On my iPad, I open my email app. Then I find the email in my inbox. I then use the Open In menu…. This is where a problem arises…. The file is sent to me with a very cryptic name AND UnRealBook (one of my two main PDF Music Reader Apps is NEVER in the Open In Menu! DropBox is not included in the Open In Menu either.
Step 3)The solution is to use that Open In Menu to open the PDF file in ForScore.
Step 4)Use ForScores metadata tools to rename the file, input a composer, type in the genre and keywords.
Step 5)Use ForScore to upload that file to DropBox.
Step 6)Then I can open whatever app I wish to load that PDF music in and access the file in my DropBox.

This fits in with one of my primary rules about using technology. HAVE A BACKUP PLAN!

By following those simple 6 steps I have my PDF Music files in both ForScore and UnRealBook. I also almost always create set lists for both apps. Each set list pertains to either a class or a concert.


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