New Favorite iPad App

I found a new music teacher who is using iPad in his classrooms and is blogging about it (Thanks ChoirGuy!) Here is a link to an article this newfound blogger, Chris, wrote about 3 of his favorite apps….

One of the apps he mentioned is a great app that I had not found yet (no surprise there!) It is for seating in the classroom. The app is called SmartSeat and the website is here –

I actually enjoyed creating new seating charts for my classes tonight! – Yup… every single class is gonna be getting new seating arrangement tomorrow! (I’ll be sure to tell them it was your fault newfound blogger Chris!) There is an iPad and iPhone version. This was the only thing I’m thinking of right now that the app does not do. I can not find a way to sync my seating charts between devices. Now THAT would be handy. That’s all for now… I’m going to go email the developer and suggest this feature!

4 thoughts on “New Favorite iPad App

  1. That is great to see teachers using it more. I know a few students that have a few basic apps like the tuner but I did not know there was so much out there for music. Thanks for the insight on the seating charts too!

  2. It’s funny how technology is revolutionizing the classrooms. I will definitely check out those that were mentioned. I am in love with my ipad and recently I am using it to teach to my preschoolers students. They are very engaging and focused. I downloaded this app “a jazzy day” the other day because I saw it feature on education “what’s hot” apps store. It’s great and I think parents and educators should check it out. This is their website,


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